The Challenge

I have an enthusiasm for tea, and can’t stand coffee. Thankfully, Australia is home to a growing tea culture, meaning I’m not relegated to the status of ‘second-class citizen’ due to my dislike for bitter bean juice. T2 teas are at least partly responsible for more Australians viewing tea as something greater than just a sorry sack of soggy leaves dunked in hot water and discarded on the sink edge. But I’ve found my favourite few teas and haven’t broadened my horizons in some time.

I aim to sample and narrate every tea in the standard T2 range. If it comes in that iconic orange box, I’ll drink it. My aim is for the project to articulate the stories birthed and shared around steaming cups and steeping leaves. So, boil the kettle, brew yourself a cuppa, and join me for the ride. Perhaps you and I will both be inspired to expand our tea horizons.

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