Here is a list of things I don’t understand:

  1. People who flat out refuse to try tea. Ever.
  2. People who ‘found’ French Earl Grey and don’t need any other tea in their life.
  3. Horror films.
  4. Putting more than 2 sugars in a hot beverage. You don’t want a drink, you want a cake.
  5. Why losing weight is so difficult.
  6. People who go into T2, bypass the smelling table and ask, “Do you have any green tea?”
  7. Soccer hooligans.
  8. State of Origin.


Here are some things I find disappointing.

  1. Finding an empty teacup when you thought you had a mouthful left.
  2. Finding cold tea in the bottom of your cup because you thought you had already finished.
  3. Over brewing the last leaves of a blend.
  4. Finding a whole cup of cold tea you forgot you made.
  5. Bad mandarins.