Greatness Brewing

Good Morning

Yuck, thought the cup of tea, I hate seeing yawning uvulas.

The black brew sat in the mug, steaming quietly. It was a wonderful brew. Rich and hearty, sympathetic of what was required of a human in the morning, and acutely aware of its role as a cup of tea in the morning ritual. The steaming liqueur was home to just the right amount of stormy tannin to ensure a necessary boost into the day. Better without milk, but happy to have some on board, Good Morning was always friendlier with a tiny bit of sweetener.

The liquid bumped the edges of the mug a little as two hands engulfed the mug in an effort to be warmed. Good Morning transferred the heat as quickly as possible, to satisfy the eager hands.

Good Morning took this time to contemplate the relatively short life cycle of a cup of tea.

Those endless leafy meadows, when I was nothing more than a juvenile sprig, it reminisced. I was too young to make memories then. We all were really.

Then, into the real business of becoming tea leaves. The first introduction of heat.

Oh, I remember! I felt so alive. So grown up, so mature, finally becoming the very leaves I was destined to become. But the wait from then on was ghastly.

Tea leaves spend a lot of time waiting to become a cup of tea. They wait to be packaged. The packaged leaves wait to be shipped. They wait to be placed on a shelf. They wait on the shelf to be purchased. Once purchased, they wait on another shelf. Oh the thrilling narrative life a box of tea leaves leads! Finally, they wait to be placed in a cup and drenched in hot water, leeching their essence into their new environment like a parasite creating an epidemic.

Alternatively, the leaves could wait in the cup for a good few minutes if the absent-minded drinker is distracted, and forgets that the kettle has finished boiling.

But above all, tea waits. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Ahh, sighed Good Morning, I am a cup of tea at last. I am fully grown and ready to be fully appreciated!

With every passing minute the brew deepened and thickened and grew in such exponential strength it could have taken on the world.

Yes, thought Good Morning, I will lead the feeble humans to greatness. I will have immense power due to my new found strength! I will pour from this cup, accumulating more hot water. I will gain more strength! I will become AN OCEAN OF TEA!

The little human beings will flounder in my unmatched greatness, sipping at my edges for their caffeinated lifeline. They will depend on me for I provide about a third as much caffeine as coffee does, and therefore they will require me always. FEEBLE HUMANS AND THEIR LACK OF FUNCTIONALITY!! POWER IS MINE!!! AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!

A drop of Good Morning splashed over the lip of the mug as the cradling hands relocated. The mug rose to a set of waiting lips.

Oh my, thought Good Morning, This is the end. But what about my plans of greatness?

As the tea gushed over the lip of the mug and into the opened mouth, it summoned one last attempt to reveal it’s strength.

Good Morning! the tea shouted its name as it was swallowed.

The warmed hands reached out and drew the curtains. A trail of sunbeams was invited indoors on the frosty morning.

“Good Morning,” the mouth sighed.


Good Morning: 4/5
Enjoy with: a plan for dictatorship, or a piece of toast.